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How to Fix a Leaky Hot Tub in Four Easy Steps

When your hot tub starts leaking, you’ll want to address the problem promptly. Fortunately, most repairs for leaky hot tubs can be accomplished with proper replacement parts and require minimal time or effort.

Phase 1: Check the Pump and Heater

The most likely spot for a hot tub leak is at the pump. A fix here can easily be made by adjusting the valve and replacing its gasket. Similarly, heaters can often suffer from leaks; if this applies to you, shut off power and inspect all parts individually.

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Phase 2: Examine the Pipework

When a hot tub leaks, it’s usually due to an issue in one of its numerous pipes connecting it to its components. This could be anything from a rusty fitting to something as serious as cracks within the plumbing itself.

Cracked pipes are a serious issue that should be addressed promptly, especially if they’re located within your hot tub itself. Replacing broken pipes is usually the best course of action; however, for smaller cracks, waterproof epoxy works great as it fills up 1/8” in diameter and can often fill in those hard-to-repair spaces that would require replacement parts.

Phase 3: Locate the Leak

When a leak is hidden, it’s not always easy to detect with visual inspection. Use a hot tub tester to spray some water into the system and look for signs of moisture on foam components – these could indicate where the issue lies.

Another way to detect a leak is to drain the hot tub. Doing this will allow you to identify its location and determine whether it’s within or outside the shell. Once empty, sweep or use a leaf blower to eliminate any standing water around the tub. When the level has decreased, pay special attention to where water stops leaking and any jets appear.

Phase 4: Use Leak Detecting Dye or Food Coloring

If you can’t identify the source of your leak, add some leak-detecting dye to the water and observe where it flows. The dye should make the water darker at certain points – often indicative of a potential source.

Alternately, try draining the water and leaving it running for several hours. Once it stops leaking, you should be able to locate the leak with a stethoscope.

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Phase 5: Complete Repairs

A leaking hot tub can be a frustrating issue to deal with, but fixing it doesn’t need to be an extensive undertaking. Whether there’s an issue with the pump, heater or PVC pipe, repairs are typically straightforward and don’t require too much time or money in the budget.