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How to Reset a Hot Tub Control Panel

If your hot tub has a control panel, it’s likely it crashed and needed reset. Resetting the panel usually fixes most errors codes and restores your unit back to normal operation; however, in some cases resetting won’t solve the problem and replacement or repair from a professional may be necessary.

Before anything else, check the breaker for your hot tub to make sure it’s still functioning correctly. Surges from the power grid, lightning strikes and natural wear and tear can lead to a faulty breaker that trips frequently. In order to make sure this doesn’t happen again, disconnect everything connected to it and flip the breaker.

You may need to do this several times before the breaker stops tripping. You can also disconnect the control panel and run a test to see if it still works. If not, your breaker may be broken or need replacing along with its circuit board.

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Second, inspect your hot tub’s temperature sensor to make sure it is functioning correctly and not overheating. Doing so could cause the system to fail and display “overheating” error code on the display. This error should never be ignored; using the spa could scald you or cause permanent damage.

Third, remove the side panel and search for a reset button or sticker that indicates its location. This usually lies inside the control box and can be taken apart with several screws.

Fourth, inspect the cables to your hot tub for signs of damage that could cause a short circuit. These could include cuts or scrapes or areas where they appear to have been incorrectly bent. If these cables are damaged, it will affect their controls too and necessitate replacement.

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Fifth, inspect the wiring on your control panel to make sure it’s in proper working condition. This is particularly critical if the control panel is connected to a hot tub via wire that connects to a circuit board. If this wire has any damage, repair or replace it before plugging back into your hot tub again.

Sixth, if the display on your hot tub is partially blank or displays messages slowly, this could indicate that the circuit board in the control panel has failed. If dashes appear instead of messages, this too is an indication that the board needs replacing.

Most often, replacing your hot tub’s circuit board will resolve the problem and restore full functionality. However, if the control panel is displaying error codes or flashing lights, this could indicate a more serious issue. In such cases, consult your hot tub manual or contact an expert before attempting to repair the panel yourself.