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How to Build a Dock on a Pond

Add a dock to your lake or pond for added enjoyment at the water’s edge. Not only can you use it for swimming and fishing, but you may even want to use it for some relaxation as well. But before you build that dock, there are a few things you should take into account.

First, you’ll need to decide between a fixed or floating dock. Floating docks float above the water while fixed docks rest on an established foundation made of concrete or steel.

If the water level in your lake or pond fluctuates, a floating dock is an ideal option. These docks feature ramps that float on top of the surface so they stay stable even when levels change.

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Floating docks provide the advantage of seasonality, unlike fixed docks which must be rebuilt after each season. This makes them a great option for people living in cold climates who need to make use of them during the summer and store them away during winter.

When choosing a dock, the size of your pond plays an important role. If the water is deep or the floor of the pond is silty, installing one with fixed foundations would likely require lots of work and be costly.

When selecting a dock type for installation, it’s important to take into account how you intend to utilize it. For instance, if fishing from the dock, ensure there is enough clearance between water and dock so you can pull in your catch easily. Likewise, if tying your boat up to the dock is your preference then make sure there’s room enough between both for easy transportation.

You’ll also need to consider how you will protect your dock from the elements. Ideally, ensure it is constructed with weather-resistant materials so it can withstand intense conditions and last for years.

One of the ideal materials for constructing a dock is plastic lumber (HDPE). This type of wood is resistant to mold and mildew, so you can place it directly in the water without fear of rotting.

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Once you’ve selected your material, it is time to assemble your dock frame. A dock frame is a rectangular box with legs supporting the floating platform and can be made out of wood or metal; however, plastic may be easier to assemble for ease.

Next, attach the stanchion kit to each outer longitudinal member in the dock frame (Figure 1) using included bolts. Stallions bolt onto each board outside and connect beneath each dock leg. Alternatively, you can screw the stanchion kit directly onto the dock frame for faster installation and increased security.

If you’re uncertain how to construct a dock, consulting an expert is recommended. They will guarantee your dock is constructed correctly and will last for years.