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How Long Does It Take to Heat a Pool?

No one enjoys jumping into a cold or chilly pool as it can be extremely uncomfortable. That is why keeping your pool heated is essential for enjoying swimming all year round. You have several options for doing this, including using either a heater or the sun; though the most popular way is with an automatic pool heater, there are also more cost-effective alternatives that still deliver warmth.

Establishing the Temperature of Your Pool Water

Prior to beginning the heating process, decide what temperature you want your pool at. This is essential as it will determine how long it takes for it to reach that target temperature.

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Once you know the temperature your pool must reach, a simple formula can be used to estimate how long it will take for it to reach that setting. The length of time depends on the size, amount of water in the pool, type of heater used and other variables.

If your pool is large, then you may require an enormous heater to maintain the desired temperature. This is because a large pool takes a long time to warm up.

Typically, you should select a pool heater that is about half of one percent of the volume of water in your pool. This will enable you to heat up your pool quickly and make it more comfortable for swimmers.

Another factor that will assist you in selecting the size heater necessary is BTU output. This measure of power is commonly employed in air conditioning and heating industries to determine efficiency levels.

Once you know the size of your pool, divide that number by the BTU output of your heater to estimate how long it will take to raise its temperature by one degree Fahrenheit.

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If you are uncertain of your pool heater’s BTU output, contact or visit your nearest pool equipment dealer and they can easily do this for you. Doing so saves a lot of time and energy and guarantees that your heater gets the most out of it.

It is wise to purchase your pool heater from a company that specializes in heating pools. Doing so ensures you get the most out of your investment and prevents any future issues with the heater itself.

Finally, investing in a solar cover for your pool is recommended. This can keep the water warmer and reduce evaporation that occurs when heating it.