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How to Level an Above Ground Pool With Water in It

If your above ground pool is off level, it could be hazardous for swimmers and damage the liner of the pool if left unfixed. If this is an issue for you, take immediate steps to rectify the situation and ensure the water remains stable.

Before you start leveling your pool, it is necessary to do some preparatory work. This includes identifying where the level is off and clearing away any debris in the vicinity. Avoiding debris that could penetrate through the liner during this process to protect it.

To prepare the ground for your pool, you’ll need to clear away grass and sod as well as any sharp rocks or twigs that may be nearby. Doing this will guarantee that the ground is level and your pool can sit safely on it.

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It is also essential to eliminate any roots that have grown near your pool. These can be detrimental to the liner and cause it to pierce it, leading to cracks or tears.

Test the level of your pool by running a string along its top edge. If you need to raise it more than an inch, your pool is off level and needs fixing.

If your pool is three inches or more off level, it is a serious issue and should be corrected promptly. Doing this will avoid becoming a safety hazard and save both time and money in the long run.

To level a pool that is off level, the best solution is to use a builder’s level. You can rent or borrow one, or buy one online.

Start by finding an area on the high side of the pool that appears off-level and placing a patio stone under each upright at that level. You may need to dig down some for this step, and once all blocks have been placed under all uprights, measure their level with a builder’s level once again.

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Once that’s done, raise each block up to the same level as the one beneath it. You may need to collaborate with a partner in order to guarantee that all blocks are at exactly the same height around all of the uprights.

Once you’ve done this, drain the water from your pool. It is essential to do this before beginning any other work on it as re-leveling a pool once it has become filled with water can be both time-consuming and expensive.

Once the pool has been drained, you can level the ground and install its bottom ring. This will provide support for the walls of the pool and keep them securely in place.