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How Much Does It Cost To Build A Pond?

The cost of a pond depends on several factors, including its type, size and location. Before beginning construction on your project, it would be wise to get an estimate first so you can make the best decision for both your budget and needs.

Costs for a pond vary, but the basic expenses include excavation and landscaping. Some of these tasks can be completed by yourself while others necessitate hiring a contractor. You might also require additional items like a liner or other accessories; these extras add up quickly so it is best to plan ahead and decide what you want before hand.


Constructing a pond requires extensive excavation. Due to steep terrain or uneven land, digging on your own can be challenging, so hiring an excavator may be easier and cheaper in most cases. Expect to pay between $60-200 per cubic yard depending on the pond’s dimensions; more fees may apply if the area is large or contains heavy debris like tree stumps or boulders.

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Leveling ground can be an additional expense that adds up quickly. Generally, it costs $0.08 to $2.00 per square foot for this service and should be added onto any digging or hauling costs as well.

Landscape contractors typically charge by the hour, so you should factor in how long it will take for excavation and leveling. On average, landscape construction costs around $65-150 an hour; thus, be sure to include this into your budget when building your pond.

Retaining Walls

A retaining wall is an integral part of landscaping for any pond, helping to keep the water surface level and prevent slopes from forming. Installing one may be costly, but it also adds character and visual interest to your pond. Retaining walls are usually stone and range in price from $40-$345 per linear foot.

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Fish and Plants

A diverse population of fish and plants are essential for your pond to flourish. Not only do they provide food and shelter to other life forms, but they also filter out algae and other particles from the water.

Some fish and plants in ponds can be decorative, while other species will benefit the ecosystem. Some ponds even serve as hatcheries for breeding fish.

To maintain the water’s clarity and oxygen levels in a pond, you will need a pump and filter system. Prices for pumps and filters range from $50 to $400.

Other features you can add to your pond include lights and bridges. Lights add an atmosphere, making the pond even more picturesque in the evenings. Furthermore, adding a bridge may prove especially helpful if you have children or pets living with you.

A waterfall is the final feature you can add to your pond, adding visual interest and beauty. Prices for installing a waterfall range from $500 to $12,500, depending on its design and size.