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How Long Does It Take to Build a Pool?

Constructing a pool is an exciting project that can add great value to your home. However, it requires significant effort and time from you. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to expedite the construction of your new pool.

Before beginning construction of your pool, you must obtain the necessary permit from your municipality for its installation. This could take anywhere from one to eight weeks depending on how quickly they process permits in that area.

Before you can begin designing a swimming area for your backyard, you need to determine the size of your property. A residential land survey can be performed and this will also assist in deciding the type and cost of pool you wish to install.

Once you’ve chosen your ideal design, it’s time to translate it into construction drawings and paperwork. Your designer must secure a permit from your city, lay out the pool on your property, and establish correct elevations.

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The process for obtaining a permit can differ from city to city, so it’s essential that you select an experienced pool builder who knows how to take care of this step. Doing so will minimize delays and costly redoing if inspections are required.

Your pool designer should be able to guide you through the entire permit process, from filing all necessary paperwork and attending site visits, through attending city meetings and providing additional information that can help expedite this stage of the procedure.

At this stage, your contractor will use front-end loaders to dig a hole for your pool and install rebar and steel reinforcing rods to strengthen its structure. Note that this step takes longer than installing concrete pools due to more excavation required and complexity of installation.

A skilled pool builder can also suggest the ideal tools for this job. For instance, if your yard has slopes or drainage issues, using a mini-excavator instead of a backhoe may be more advantageous.

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Excavating can take several days, but it could also be delayed due to weather conditions or other obstacles like utility lines that block digging. Your pool builder can work with you to determine if these delays will impact the timeline for your project; however, it’s wise to allow extra time in case any unexpected issues arise.

Once your permits are obtained, construction of your pool can begin. This phase is the most involved of all and may take anywhere from two to six months depending on individual needs.

Construction timeframes vary based on several factors, including materials used, location and desired features. While it can be challenging to estimate exact timing for a pool project, if you plan ahead and work with an experienced pool builder, you should have no trouble finishing in time for summer!